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Air Freight Service, also called Air Cargo Service is fast and fits low weight commodities. Whether you are in Thailand or not, we can provide daily departures to all customs airports in the world.

All our Air Freight shipping quotes are based on the taxable weight of the packed commodities. The taxable weight is the highest weight between the gross weight and the volume weight.

Gross weight is the weight of the products (kg, ton, or lbs)
Volume weight = (cubic volume of the goods) x 1000 x(1/6)

Shipments by air are usually dedicated for shipments between 100 kg taxable and 300 kg taxable or 1 cubic meter to 2 cubic meters. Even air freight cost is higher than sea freight cost, all import charges at destination in air freight are not expensive.
Aditionning all charges, cost of trasnsport will the same whatever you ship by sea or by air.
We are working with the best shipping airlines (Thai Airways, Gulf Air, Emirates Airways) in order to ship your goods in the best conditions.

Our air freight shipping rates are based on the current fuel price. We update our air freight rates monthly.